Muscle-Man-DumbellIn the course of working out at the gym it is not uncommon to sustain injuries.

Some may be self inflicted while others may be purely accidental. There are various cautionary measures that can be undertaken to avoid such injuries

The first injury likely to be sustained is the knee injury- this is often caused by an irritation that occurs underneath the kneecap (at the cartilage).

This injury is avoided by shortening the paces and trying to strengthen the quad and hip muscles.

Taking slow strides at a time also helps reduce injuries. Some muscles are often too weak and imposing heavy burdens on such causes serious health and pain problems.

It is therefore advisable that you aim at taking baby steps when it comes to weight lifting so as to build on your balance the strength of the muscles.

You should learn to use the right techniques and equipment for their respective purposes. Sometimes bending in the wrong manner tends to cause pressure on your waist and back.

A good example should be the Olympic lifting that demands that you should know its technique as its injuries are a bit painful. This is achieved by learning how to use a broomstick.

Take your time and consult on the right technique for that exercise you want to engage in; this will help you avoid such injuries.

Focus more on the pull exercises than the push exercises. Push exercises tend to affect the mobilizing muscles (muscles found at the front of your shoulders) that only serve to aggravate imbalances which often result into serious injuries.

Therefore work more on pull up exercises to improve your stabilizing muscles( these are muscles found at between the shoulder blades/ at the back of shoulders) so as to reduce injuries at the muscles and posture damages.

To avoid the Achilles tendinitis injuries (where the tendons tend to become irritated); it is advisable to avoid a sudden unrealistic increase in your training of the calve muscles. If you want to start increasing your training, start gradually and continue to work your way into completely increasing the building strength of these particular muscles.

Another way to avoid injuries at the gym is to respect your body and give it a break. Most people if not all tend to get obsessed with working out at the gym, they focus all their attention towards the gym and tend to neglect their bodies.

Set aside rest days and allow your body get rid of all the fatigue that may build up. Starting up on cardio when you are tired may cause strains and injuries on your body; again working out when tired stretches out your body causing unnecessary injuries such as slipping and falling.

You should not allow certain injuries to pull you down. By this I mean there are certain injuries that go out with consistent work out. Therefore, you should keep consistency by trying out the same exercises but reducing the volumes of the workout.

However, there are certain injuries that will get intensified by working with particular injuries. If you insist on working out with your injuries try the physio- it really helps.

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