How To Stop Puppy Mouthing Quickly

stop-puppy-biting-5410785-300x199You may be wondering what the term mouthing refers to. Also referred to as biting, it is a cute thing that puppies do when they are trying to bite fingers, toes or any other part of the body that they can latch onto. When dogs are young creatures, they try everything with their mouth. Even in a litter, it will try biting games with its litter mates.

Therefore, when the time comes for the dog to start living with a family of human beings, the puppy needs to learn that people are often much more fragile as compared to other puppies. The dog has to understand even before it bites a human that it hurts and that it should stop right away. Any dog that does not l,earn this can be very dangerous as it will not have any idea how to adjust the pressure of a bite.

The key to this kind of training is that everyone has to be on the same page, meaning similar training methods. It does not make any sense for one person to train a dog in one way and another person to train his in another way. As a dog owner, you ought not to resort to smacking and rough play so the do does not respond by biting.

There are some measures that you need to take so that your dog learns to control its biting. When the pooch bites, say “no” and encourage it by giving it a small reward when he has stopped biting. You can also give the dog something else to play with so as to distract it. If this does not have the effect that you desire, you may try an alternative word such as “stop” and then ignore the animal for a short time by not making any eye contact with it.

You should not encourage rough games with your puppy that encourage biting or tug of war biting games. Encourage your dog instead to play games that will have it putting a toy in his mouth. Do not shake a finger at its face or smack him, especially on the head or nose. Instead, remove or distract the dog instead. Ensure that you do not get angry or raise your voice at the dog. It is normal for puppies to bite, though the behavior should be corrected.

When your dog is a known biter, keep a close eye on it while around children. Puppies are usually very fascinated by little kids and may tend to get overexcited while playing with them. They may end up inflicting damage onto the kids. Resist the urge to wave your hands at the dog in case it is playing as this will make the puppy think it is a game and it may end up biting you.

All the members of the family need to be consistent when it comes to the dog. You should all use the same words when the dog goes to bite else it will not be effective. As long as you employ these methods, you will find that the biting will decrease over time.

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