Winstrol pills just like testosterone are tablets that are taken orally to treat hereditary angioedema which causes attacks such as the throat swelling, face, the walls of the bowel and extremities. These pills are also said to be common and popular among athletes who want to be much stronger and faster in the field. It contains an anabolic steroid which enhances performance and can be used by both men and women as a body building steroid which provides dangerous level of stiffness.

The pills are found in 10mg and 50mg and it is very rare to find them in any other form of prescription. As any other common steroid taken orally, the side effects are inevitable to the extent of causing constant penis erection in men.

Its side effects are very toxic especially to the liver mainly because the liver destroys the hormone contained in the pill before getting to the blood stream hence the reason why the pill should only be used for a short period of time. In women, the Winstroll pill side effects include irregular menstrual periods, hoarseness, and a lot of facial hair or even acne. If you really want to get into that perfect body shape by losing your weight or developing those muscles in a very easy way then Winstroll pills is the thing for you.

Body builders have testified how effective these pills can be as your everyday supplement however, the side effects are no joke and can cause fatal health problems to you. The side effects can cause serious damage to women to the extent of causing infertility, besides side effects also I managed to gather other benefits of winstroll pills .

A number of reviews on the pills have shown that the Winstroll pill is very effective, but like any other medication and supplements used for body building the Winstroll pills are of no exception when it comes to having side effects. As I mentioned earlier, the pills can cause serious damage to women since the pills prevents the woman’s body from secreting hormones such as luteinizing hormone, follicle stimulation hormone and progesterone which leads to having irregular menstrual period.

Men are not exempted from the side effects and may end up having stunted growth, gynecomastia and even liver damage. For those who used the pill then stopped depression and the lack of sex drive maybe one of the effects that you might end up having.

It can help you greatly if you are planning to develop your muscles to look more attractive or if you just want to take part in a body building competition. This steroid can even help your body become extremely muscular without absorbing water which will make your body attract the attention of anyone you can across. Winstroll pill will help you achieve all that the desires that you have wanted to have about your body, the pills even enables your body to create red blood cells that help you recover from a tireless work out.

With all these advantages that this has to offer, bear in mind that the pills have fatal and dangerous side effects so do not be tempted to use it if you know that you cannot handle its side effects and most especially avoid taking a dosage that has not been recommended for you.

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