Man boobs can lower one’s self-esteem. There are two main reasons man boobs form: one is due to gain in undesirable weight, the greasy tissue settles above the pectoral tissue resulting man boobs.

The other reason is due to lack of exercise, if you had been previously engaging in lifting weights, you are more prone to developing man boobs. The pectoral muscles begin to sag, and soon you too have man boobs. This is quite common with weight lifters who were using steroids since they boost muscle growth.

gyno-picMedically man boobs are identified as gynecomastia meaning having swollen male breast tissue. This swelling is caused by hormonal imbalance mainly estrogen and testosterone. The increase in weight reduces the production of testosterone; this results to the sagging of the chest along with the widening of the hips.

You can get rid of man boobs through exercise, surgery, pills and using creams. In this article, we will be discussing gynecomastia creams.

There has been a lot of myth surrounding the use cream. Many will be quick to dismiss the effectiveness of using cream. We all love quick solutions and surgery has always been a favorite.

Exercising requires discipline and dieting; most people will use exercises as the last resort. Well, it gets better with creams, you lose the man boobs with breaking sweat. Not many would love swallowing pills since it would raise suspicion among their peers.

Ways to reduce fat on your chestA cream is naturally better and still guarantees us of great results. It is common to run into discussions such as are creams effective in treating gynecomastia?

Yes, creams are effective in treating gynecomastia. Anti-gynecomastia creams are made of 100% natural ingredients such as aloe vera, retinol, ethoxy di glycol, Ginko Biloba extract and more compounds. Each ingredient plays an active role in getting rid of the greasy tissue settling over your pectoral tissue. We are all tired of being ripped off by unscrupulous dealers trying to make a quick buck.

Creams are FDA approved hence we can be assured that they work fully. 99% of the clinical tests done by FDA came back with positive results. The cream in question was gynexol and was the cheapest pain-free way to lose man boobs. Users of creams are also satisfied with the results they achieve while using creams compared to pills.
The natural products used play a vital role in reducing the size of the man boobs giving the user a firmer chest.

How then do you use these creams?
Immediately after a shower you should apply the cream on your chest. Gently massage the cream on your chest so as to allow full absorption into the chest. For quicker results, you should apply at least twice a day.

The cream is absorbed into your chest and aids in the breaking down of extra glandular fatty deposits. After two weeks of continuous use, you will notice that the size of your chest is reducing.

Within four months, your man boobs will be completely gone. You can continue applying for five months to six months if your moobs(man boobs) aren’t gone. The good thing with creams is that they have no side effects whatsoever.


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